About Us

The NotMyCar service has been developed by former New Scotland Yard detectives Alan Hutchinson and Alan Rice-Smith through their company Exolve Limited.  We specialise in working towards solutions for contemporary fraud issues.

Our Experts

All our representatives are former police detectives or police officers with detective experience who all have Certifcates of Exemplary Service.


Web_Portraits_AH_and_ARS_005Alan Hutchinson


Alan is a former Detective Sergeant with the New Scotland Yard Fraud Squad and has worked for commercial investigation companies until forming Exolve in 2006.

Alan is an experienced fraud investigator, both domestically and internationally. Whilst working in the private sector as a Fraud Consultant, he has developed particular knowledge relating to identity fraud.

DSC01249Alan Rice-Smith


Alan Rice-Smith was a Detective Inspector who has worked on many specialised investigation units. including fraud and murder squads.

Prior to his retirement, Alan was responsible for the development of national investigative learning programmes at the National Policing Improvement Agency.

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